Crypto Fund Trader One-Step Evaluation- Is it the One?

Hello everyone! We are here again with an exciting One-step Evaluation program to share with you all. As you all are aware, our website lists legitimate prop firms regularly, and we do reviews for you. Moreover, we make sure that traders make the right choice when it comes to Evaluation accounts. So, today, we will be talking about the Crypto Fund Trader One-Step Evaluation Program. As the name implies, this is a One-step Evaluation program. So, let’s look at the Trading Objectives of the program to see if this is the one for you. 

Crypto Fund Trader’s One-phase Evaluation provides traders the opportunity to manage account sizes ranging from $5,000 up to $200,000. The aim is to identify talented traders who are profitable and can efficiently manage risk throughout the one-step evaluation period. The One-phase Evaluation allows you to trade with 1:100 leverage while receiving account funding in USD.

Crypto Fund Trader One-step Evaluation

Crypto Fund Trader One-Step Evaluation!

Here are the Trading Objectives of the firm:

  • The evaluation phase requires a trader to reach a profit target of 10% while not surpassing their 4% maximum daily loss or 6% maximum trailing loss rules. When it comes to time limitations, note that you have no maximum trading day requirements during the evaluation phase. However, you are required to trade a minimum of five trading days in order to proceed to a funded account.

By completing the evaluation phase, you are awarded a funded account with no minimum withdrawal requirements. You must only respect the 4% maximum daily loss and 6% maximum trailing loss rules.

So, if this is what you are looking for, then what are you waiting for? Get Started Now!

About the Firm

Here are some interesting facts about the firm:

  • A Wide Range of Available Crypto Pairs
  • Spreads Starting at 0 Pips
  • Low Commission Fees
  • Professional Trader Dashboard
  • A Large Variety of Trading Instruments (Forex Pairs, Commodities, Indices, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies)
  • Leverage of 1:100 for All Trading Instruments
  • No Maximum Trading Day Requirements

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