TFT King Program Top Performer of the Week!

The Funded Trader’s (TFT) esteemed King Program, who is the Top Performer this week? Deniz has emerged as a standout performer, earning an impressive total payout of $29,701. Deniz’s journey, spanning 103 days, has been marked by exceptional skills, innovation, and a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics of trading markets.

The Funded Trader, renowned for curating the King Program, celebrates and rewards traders with exceptional talent in proprietary trading. Deniz’s remarkable success not only positions him as the top performer of the week but also highlights the wealth of opportunities available for dedicated and skilled traders within TFT.

The Funded Trader's (TFT) esteemed King Program, who is the Top Performer this week?

TFT King Program Top Performer of the Week

Deniz’s accomplishment serves as a source of inspiration for traders worldwide, emphasizing the potential for success in the dynamic field of prop trading. His journey underscores that, with dedication, skill, and the right platform, traders can achieve remarkable feats. This is evident by Deniz’s outstanding performance in the King Program.

The Funded Trader’s commitment to empowering traders and providing exclusive opportunities is further exemplified by Deniz’s success. Setting a new standard of excellence within the King Program, Deniz’s achievement goes beyond personal triumph, standing as a testament to the limitless possibilities for those with vision and capability in the world of proprietary trading.

Congratulations pour in for Deniz, not only for his individual success but also for raising the bar within TFT’sKing Program. As TFT continues to foster an environment where traders can refine their skills and reach new heights, Deniz’s accomplishment serves as a compelling example of what can be achieved with dedication, skill, and genuine passion in the exciting realm of proprietary trading.

About the Firm

Here are some interesting facts about the firm:

  • Scaling Plan
  • First Payout After 7 Days with Knight & Dragon Challenge
  • Weekly & Bi-weekly Payouts
  • Profit Share of 75% up to 95% (Depending on the Challenge)
  • Overnight Holding Allowed
  • Weekend Holding & News Trading Allowed on Swing Accounts
  • Affordable Dragon Challenge
  • Balance-based Drawdown on Rapid & Dragon Challenge

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