TFT Challenge Statistics- Good Ones?

The Funded Trader (TFT) shared its Challenge Statistics, providing a comprehensive overview of the performance and achievements of traders participating in the challenges. As an established player in the industry, The Funded Trader has garnered attention for supporting talented traders. The statistics are about the effectiveness of the firm’s evaluation programs but also shed light on the broader landscape of aspiring traders seeking to make their mark in the competitive world of proprietary trading.

The Funded Trader (TFT) Challenge Statistics

Dragon Challenge

The Dragon Challenge has swiftly ascended to prominence, and the firm is happy to share some impressive highlights from the past month:

  • Overwhelming Payouts. An astounding total of over $210,000 has been awarded to participants.
  • Record-Breaking Wins. One proficient trader secured a top payout of $56,000 from a $200,000 account.
  • Strategic Mastery. This same trader has purchased 10 Dragon Accounts, spending $65,000 on challenges and reaping $96,000 in payouts, nearly matching their total challenge purchases. 
  • Remarkable Efficiency. They conquered three $200k Dragon Challenges’ three phases in less than two days—a truly remarkable feat. 
  • Promotional Perks. Utilizing a promo code, they capitalized on profits from each challenge phase and secured 90% Lifetime Payouts for their accounts, showcasing the full potential of the Dragon Challenge.

Royal Challenge

Meanwhile, the Royal Challenge continues to reign as the preferred choice among traders:

  • Impressive Payouts in December. Traders have earned a staggering $6,500,000 in payouts. 
  • Projected Milestones. The firm is on the verge of hitting over $10 million in monthly payouts to Royal Account holders. 

The firm shared that they are proud and humbled by the dedication and success of their trading community. These accomplishments are a testament to the potential that their challenges can unlock.

About the Firm

The Funded Trader is a proprietary trading firm with the legal name The Funded Trader LLC that was incorporated on the 12th of May, 2021. They are located in Liberty Hill, Texas. The CEO of the firm is Angelo Ciaramello. The Funded Trader provides traders with the opportunity to choose between five account types: three two-step evaluations, a one-step evaluation, and a three-step evaluation.

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