Finotive Funding Trading Breaks for Finotive Pro Accounts!

Finotive Funding has announced “Finotive Pro Penalty-Free Trading Breaks” for Pro Accounts. Traders can now take a break from the markets without the fear of compromising their Finotive Pro accounts.

Finotive Pro account holders can now book up to 7 days of quarterly holidays. This provides them with a unique opportunity to rejuvenate and recharge without worrying about potential penalties or account repercussions. This initiative is going to redefine the prop landscape, acknowledging the importance of mental health and work-life balance for traders.

To celebrate the launch of this Finotive Pro, Finotive Funding is still offering a limited-time 30% discount for traders who act fast and secure their Finotive Pro Account before the 15th of this month. This unprecedented discount is a testament to Finotive’s commitment to rewarding its loyal traders and fostering a supportive trading environment.

Finotive Pro Trading Breaks

Finotive Funding Trading Breaks for Finotive Pro Accounts

Finotive Funding believes that this initiative not only sets a new standard in the industry but also empowers traders to take control of their trading experience. By offering penalty-free trading breaks, Finotive Pro Accounts ensure that traders can focus on their well-being without the worry of financial consequences.

The firm understands the demanding nature of the financial markets and the toll it can take on traders. With Finotive Pro Penalty-Free Trading Breaks, they aim to provide their traders with the flexibility to enjoy well-deserved breaks, allowing them to return to the markets with renewed focus and energy.

This limited-time offer is a unique opportunity for traders to experience the benefits of Finotive Pro Penalty-Free Trading Breaks at a discounted rate. Act fast, secure your quarterly holidays, and trade with the confidence that Finotive Funding has your well-being at the forefront of its priorities.

For more information and to avail of the 30% OFF discount, visit Finotive Funding’s Website. Don’t miss the chance to trade like a pro and vacation like a boss with Finotive Pro!

About the Firm

Here are some interesting facts about the firm:

  • First Payout Upon Making a Profit
  • Profit Share 55% up to 95% (Depending on Challenge)
  • Overnight Holding Allowed
  • Weekend Holding & News Trading Allowed
  • Swap-free Accounts
  • Balance-based Drawdown
  • One-time Free Funded Account Negative Balance Redeposit

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