FunderPro Swing Accounts are Live- Your Choice?

FunderPro has recently rolled out its new account type, the “FunderPro Swing Accounts,” marking significant progress in the world of prop trading. These accounts offer traders a range of features designed to enhance flexibility and adaptability in their trading strategies.

One notable feature is the ability to hold positions over weekends and news events. This unique offering provides traders with a valuable edge in navigating potentially volatile market conditions, allowing for a more comprehensive and strategic approach to trading.

A departure from traditional constraints, FunderPro Swing Accounts have eliminated the concept of minimum trading days. Traders can seamlessly progress to the next phase after reaching the profit target for a specific phase without the need to adhere to a set number of trading days. 

FunderPro Swing Accounts

FunderPro Swing Accounts are Live!

Another distinctive aspect is the absence of a consistency rule. Traders are no longer bound by rigid consistency requirements. This feature recognizes the diverse and evolving nature of trading styles among participants.

FunderPro continues its commitment to providing daily payouts, ensuring a consistent and rewarding trading experience for its users. The introduction of daily drawdown and total drawdown limits, set at 5% and 10%, respectively, for each phase, underscores the platform’s dedication to risk management.

The profit targets for the different phases further outline the structure of FunderPro Swing Accounts. Phase 1 sets a profit target of 10%, while Phase 2 aims for an 8% target. Once a trader achieves a Funded Account, there is no specific profit target.

Furthermore, FunderPro Swing Accounts represent a paradigm shift in proprietary trading by offering traders unprecedented freedom and potential rewards. The platform’s innovative features, including the ability to hold positions over weekends and news events, the absence of minimum trading day requirements, and the elimination of a consistency rule, position FunderPro as a trailblazer in adapting to the evolving needs of modern traders. So, as traders seek dynamic and flexible platforms, FunderPro’s Swing Accounts emerge as a timely and innovative solution.

About the Firm

FunderPro is a proprietary trading firm that is transforming how traders interact with financial markets by creating opportunities to trade with lower risks. They allow traders to earn high-profit splits by managing account sizes up to $200,000 and taking home a profit split of 80%.

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