FundedNext Trader Aman Interview- $2000+ in Profit?

In an exclusive interview with FundedNext trader Aman Mdewa Nthangu, the seasoned trader provided a detailed overview of his successful trading strategy, with a focus on the CAD JPY currency pair. Aman, residing in Tanzania, has been actively trading for nearly six years, showcasing an impressive track record.

The primary currency pair in Aman’s trading arsenal is CAD JPY, and during the interview, he delved into the intricacies of his trading approach. Aman’s strategy revolves around pure price action analysis, eschewing the use of indicators. His expertise in understanding the behavior of CAD JPY, especially at turning points, has been a key factor in his consistent success.

FundedNext Trader Aman Interview

Also, during the interview, Aman explained that he predominantly trades during the New York session, specializing in day trading but occasionally holding positions for up to two days. His keen observation of CAD JPY’s movement over the years has led him to identify specific patterns and signs that indicate potential reversals.

Moreover, Aman said that his trading strategy involves meticulous analysis of the weekly direction, identifying crucial zones. He demonstrated his approach by walking through a typical week on the CAD JPY chart, illustrating the importance of zones and how he determines entry points based on the invalidation of candle structures.

Furthermore, Aman highlighted that his entry signals are primarily based on candle closures below key levels, especially during the critical Tuesday reversal period. He explained that Tuesday has proven to be a significant day for reversals in the CAD JPY pair.

The trader further shared that he carefully manages risk by placing stop losses at least 17 pips above the high or by identifying previous structure points. Aman’s commitment to a disciplined trading approach and his ability to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions have contributed to his consistent success in the trading arena.

Here is the Full Interview:

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