FunderPro Game-Changing New Swing Accounts!

FunderPro has made waves in the industry by introducing the New Swing Accounts—a departure from traditional trading practices. These accounts boast a distinctive two-step evaluation program, challenging established norms and fostering a more adaptable trading environment.

One of the standout features of the New Swing Accounts is the allowance for extended holding periods. Traders can now confidently maintain positions over weekends and during crucial news events. This will ultimately offer traders flexibility beyond standard market hours. This shift in approach aligns with FunderPro’s commitment to providing traders with the tools to navigate dynamic markets.

FunderPro New Swing Accounts

FunderPro Game-Changing Approach with New Swing Accounts

Moreover, in a significant departure from industry standards, FunderPro has eliminated the consistency rule for New Swing Accounts. So, traders are no longer bound by the need for continuous profits, liberating them to experiment with diverse trading strategies and refine their approaches without the fear of account repercussions.

The two-step evaluation program comprises Phase 1, where traders aim for a 10% profit target, and Phase 2, with a slightly reduced 8% profit target. Successfully navigating these phases unlocks the potential for funding.

Also, Post-funding, FunderPro breaks away from the norm by removing profit targets. This approach allows traders to focus on long-term success without the pressure of short-term performance metrics, signaling a shift towards a more forward-looking and supportive trading environment.

FunderPro’s innovative new model will influence the broader proprietary trading sector, encouraging a more trader-centric approach. With its emphasis on flexibility, experimentation, and long-term success, FunderPro’s New Swing Accounts are going to redefine the landscape of proprietary trading.

About the Firm

FunderPro is a proprietary trading firm that is transforming how traders interact with financial markets by creating opportunities to trade with lower risks. Their challenges have been carefully designed to allow traders of all levels of experience a fair opportunity to pass while not limiting their path to achieving success.

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