FunderPro Trader Josh Interview- Racing to Trading?

In an exclusive trader interview, elite athlete Josh, known for his illustrious career in racing World Championship, shares his journey into the world of trading and his success with FunderPro. Josh, with 15 years of experience in professional motorbike racing, has seamlessly transitioned into trading, dedicating time and effort to mastering the intricacies of the forex markets. This transition, marked by a passion for success and a disciplined mindset, has been a deliberate move toward securing a future beyond his racing career. Speaking about his trading strategy, Josh outlines a unique approach centered around the patterns he observes in the market. Utilizing a model focused on weekly cycles and specific entry triggers, he emphasizes the importance of discipline and the need for confirmation before entering a trade. His method involves identifying key moves during specific sessions and patiently waiting for the right setups, resulting in a high-risk-to-reward ratio.

FunderPro Trader Josh Interview

Josh credits FunderPro for providing the ideal platform for his trading strategy, highlighting the flexibility it offers, especially with a 10% drawdown limit and the ability to leave positions open for several days – a crucial aspect of his longer-term trading approach. Drawing parallels between his athletic career and trading, Josh underscores the significance of dedication and a passion for success. He also expresses his dislike for losing, emphasizing the importance of discipline and adherence to rules in trading. His dedication to doing things correctly and his patient mindset have contributed to his success in both realms. Discussing the transition from his racing career to full-time trading, Josh emphasizes the importance of not relying solely on trading income initially. Having the flexibility of his main job allows him to dedicate the necessary time to trading without the stress of immediate financial obligations. He believes that a gradual transition, balancing both professions, has been key to managing the demands of trading effectively. For those starting their trading journey, Josh emphasizes the need for rules and discipline. He advises aspiring traders to avoid the temptation to deviate from their set rules and underlines the importance of patience and the psychological aspect of trading. Here is the Full Interview:

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