The 5%ers Trader Artem Interview – $14K+ Profit?

Artem R., a 30-year-old trader from Italy, recently had an interview with The 5%ers to discuss his remarkable journey within the prop trading world. He transformed a $60,000 account into a $100,000 High-stakes funded account, earning $14,751 along the way.

Artem, currently juggling a demanding job in a factory while aspiring to become a full-time trader, expressed his unwavering commitment to achieving his dream. He outlined his trading initiation in January 2017 with a real account on IC Markets, facing initial challenges due to a small capital and a lack of a clear strategy.

The 5%ers Trader Artem Interview

The 5%ers Trader Artem Interview

His early trading days saw him relying heavily on indicators, inspired by the “no-nonsense trading” channel on YouTube. However, Artem recognized the need for adaptability as market conditions evolved rapidly. In 2023, he underwent a strategic overhaul, discarding most indicators in favor of a more analytical and personally tailored approach. Now, his decisions are based on daily analysis and a keen understanding of market dynamics, allowing him to adjust his approach as needed.

In the interview, Artem openly discussed two major hurdles in his trading journey – risk management and psychological aspects. On risk management, he acknowledged occasional deviations from stop-loss orders and oversizing positions due to emotional decisions. He expressed a commitment to address these challenges and refine his risk management strategy.

Artem also delved into the psychological challenges of trading, acknowledging the impact of emotions, stress, and external factors on his performance. Despite these challenges, he remains focused on maintaining composure and discipline in his trading.

When asked about adjusting risk management to his trading personality, Artem highlighted the importance of understanding the limitations of the funded account. With a clear awareness that he can only risk a certain percentage of the $100,000 account, Artem is strategic in managing his risk to safeguard his capital.

As he eyes the next milestone of achieving a 10% profit to scale his High-stakes account to $125,000, Artem’s story serves as a beacon of inspiration.

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