FundedNext Trader Pierluigi Interview – $1,800 in Just 6 Days?

In a recent interview, FundedNext celebrates the stellar success of its talented trader, Pierluigi Barzanti, who has achieved remarkable results in the 1-step challenge. Barzanti, also known as Pierre, hails from the picturesque region of Abuto in Italy and has been making waves in the prop trading community.

Pierluigi Barzanti, a former clinical researcher, transitioned into trading less than a year and a half ago, driven by his initial interest in NFTs. Following a shift from NFTs to trading cryptocurrencies, he joined trading groups, initially copy trading before delving into more comprehensive trading strategies.

FundedNext Trader Pierluigi Interview

Specializing in Forex and CFDs, Barzanti primarily focuses on trading the S&P 500 during the New York session. As a disciplined day trader, he prefers completing his trades within the AM session, emphasizing the importance of having a clear bias and trading with the trend.

Also, Barzanti follows a rule-based discretionary trading strategy, honed through meticulous backtesting and live testing. Inspired by the ICT (Inner Circle Trader) methodology, particularly the 2022 mentorship, Barzanti places emphasis on patience and a thorough analysis of market structure.

During a recent interview, Barzanti detailed his trading strategy, highlighting the significance of liquidity pools and order blocks and revealing a recent trade setup that contributed to his impressive profits. Employing a combination of four-hour and one-hour analysis timeframes, Barzanti executes his trades in the 15-minute timeframe.

In just six trading days, Pierluigi Barzanti has achieved a substantial profit of $1,800 with his $125k stellar fund on FundedNext. His conservative and patient approach has proven successful, allowing him to meet the challenge requirements without unnecessary risk.

So, here is the Full Interview:

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