FundedNext Trader Carlos Interview – $4k+ Profit!

In a recent interview with FundedNext, Carlos Villalva, an Ecuadorian civil engineer turned part-time trader, revealed his remarkable success using a disciplined scalping strategy on the platform. The trader, residing in Guayaquil, has been actively trading for the past three months and graciously shared insights into his trading approach.

Carlos emphasized his unique scalping strategy, grounded in meticulous price action analysis. Starting with the 4-hour timeframe, he navigates through key levels and identifies the crucial 50% range on the 1-hour chart. The trader then explained his entry points on the 30-minute and 5-minute charts, with a particular focus on executing trades during the New York session.

FundedNext Trader Carlos Interview – $4k+ Profit

“I am a scalp trader, and I don’t look for extravagant rewards. For me, a one-to-three risk-reward ratio is sufficient,” Carlos stated, underlining the simplicity and effectiveness of his strategy.

The trader showcased his FundedNext dashboard, providing an overview of 16 trades. Despite a recent setback, Carlos expressed confidence in his strategy, attributing the loss to a personal execution error rather than a flaw in his approach.

Carlos also discussed his preference for trading Dow Jones and NASDAQ, highlighting distinct strategies for each index. He employs smart money analytics for NASDAQ trades, showcasing adaptability in his trading approach.

Speaking on FundedNext’s platform, Carlos praised the excellent trading conditions during the New York session, noting tight spreads and minimal slippage. He expressed overall satisfaction with the platform’s support and payments, affirming FundedNext as an ideal partner for his trading activities.

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