The5ers Trader Emre Interview – $175K Funded Trader!

In a recent trader interview with The5ers, Emre shed light on his trading experience, challenges faced, and strategies that contributed to his success.

Emre started trading crypto in 2020 and entered the Forex market 1.5 years ago. His unique background in agriculture and trading provided a solid foundation for his foray into the financial markets.

Emre’s trading plan revolves around EUR/USD, employing a systematic approach based on technical analysis, risk management, and disciplined execution. He focuses on identifying high-probability trade setups using various factors like time frames, sessions, market structure, and breakouts.

The5ers Trader Emre Interview - $175K Funded Trader!

The5ers Trader Emre Interview – $175K Funded Trader!

To overcome emotional hurdles affecting his risk management, he started keeping a trading diary and analyzing successful and unsuccessful trades. Establishing specific trading hours and maintaining a dedicated trading office helped him regain control.

Understanding human tendencies to make mistakes, Emre adjusts his risk management based on the timeframe of his setups. He allocates 0.5-1% risk for shorter timeframes and may extend it to 2% for longer timeframes. Taking breaks and stepping away from the computer after losses are crucial elements of his risk management strategy.

Emre faced a setback when he lost three 100K live accounts due to regulatory issues with another company. However, joining The5ers marked a turning point. His first live account with The5ers became a key moment, and the memory of his first payout remains significant in his trading journey.

Emre attributes his success in The5ers’ evaluation to the crucial aspects of taking profits and taking breaks. Building backup accounts provides him with insurance, ensuring continued trading even after breaching one account.

Emre emphasizes the importance of keeping trading diaries, analyzing trades, and learning from failures and successes. According to him, consistency follows naturally when traders adhere to their own rules.

About the Firm

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February 12, 2024