RebelsFunding June Competition: Looking for the Best Trader?

RebelsFunding has announced the launch of its June trading competition. The firm is looking for the best trader of the month and is offering an array of impressive prizes to the top 100 participants who showcase exceptional trading skills.

So, with a free registration process, traders of all levels are invited to join the competition and compete for a chance to win rewards. The top three traders will receive prize packages, with the first-place winner taking home a $320,000 Copper trading program and $1,000 in cash. The second and third places will be awarded a $160,000 and $80,000 Copper trading program, respectively, along with cash prizes of $500 and $300.

RebelsFunding has announced the launch of its June trading competition, which will offer impressive prizes to the top 100 participants.

RebelsFunding June Competition: What are the Prizes?

Also, beyond the top three, the competition promises additional rewards for high-ranking participants:

  • 4th-5th Place: Copper $80,000 program
  • 6th-10th Place: Copper $40,000 program
  • 11th-20th Place: Copper $20,000 program
  • 21st-50th Place: Copper $10,000 program
  • 51st-100th Place: Copper $5,000 program

So, RebelsFunding is excited to host this competition and discover the most talented traders out there. This is a fantastic opportunity for traders to demonstrate their abilities, compete with peers, and earn incredible prizes that can significantly enhance their trading careers.

Furthermore, traders interested in participating can register for free on the RebelsFunding website. The competition aims to provide a platform for traders to shine, gain recognition, and potentially secure a place among the elite traders of June.

So, for more information and to register for the competition, visit RebelsFunding’s official website. Lastly, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to compete for substantial prizes and gain recognition in the trading community. Register now and take the first step towards becoming the best trader of June.

About the Firm

RebelsFunding is a proprietary trading firm that has the goal of helping traders become profitable without the need for high initial capital and fears of losses. They have developed a range of trading programs according to the needs of individual traders and are providing top-notch technical solutions for their traders to enjoy.

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