PipFarm Review Has Arrived: What’s New?

Howdy everyone! So this time, we’re here with another review for you guys, because we’re going to be talking about PipFarm, which is one of the latest featured proprietary trading firms that are listed on our website. Now, they are growing exceptionally quickly and are becoming a very attractive prop trading firm for traders around the world.

Our mission here at Forex Prop Reviews is to do the research and then present the top trading firms to help you find the best one to suit your needs. But let’s check out PipFarm, see what they’re offering to traders worldwide.

PipFarm Review Has Arrived!

Now, they are one of the newer firms in the industry, incorporated in June of 2023 by James Glyde. Now, James is a former cTrader executive with over a decade of experience in online trading. So they’re in good hands.

They have headquarters in Singapore, and PipFarm offers traders two evaluation steps with account sizes ranging from $5,000 up to $200,000. So, they’re providing two unique funding programs:

  • Static Evaluation
  • Trailing Evaluation. 

Static Evaluation

The static evaluation provides traders with the opportunity to manage account sizes ranging from $5,000 up to $200,000. The aim is to identify disciplined traders who are profitable and can efficiently manage risk throughout a one-step evaluation period. You can trade with up to 1:30 leverage, which can be increased up to 1:50 by reaching the 50 XP milestone, which we’ll break down in a bit more depth soon as well.

So, the evaluation phase requires a trader to reach a profit target of 12% while not surpassing their 3% maximum daily loss or 6% overall maximum loss. In terms of time limitations, you have a one-year-long trading period to successfully complete your single evaluation phase. Additionally, you are required to trade for a minimum of three trading days in order to proceed to a funded account.

Trailing Evaluation

Let’s have a look at PipFarm’s trailing evaluation, which is also managing account sizes ranging from $5,000 to $200,000, 1:30 up to 1:50 leverage once you get to that XP milestone as well, same as the static.

So, the evaluation phase here requires a 12% profit target by not surpassing the 3% daily loss or 12% maximum trailing loss rules. Same in terms of time limitations, you’ve got a one-year-long trading period, and you have to trade for a minimum of three trading days in order to proceed to funding. 

What Makes PipFarm Unique?

Additionally, PipFarm provides two very unique features:

  • The first one is the Kill Switch, which sounds scary, but it’s basically a risk management tool that allows you to manage your stop losses and take profits on all of your open positions.
  • The second feature, on the other hand, is the XP feature, which is slightly more complex and provides traders with the opportunity to unlock very powerful power-ups as well as additional rewards with each rank until you reach the final fifth rank.

There is more, so why don’t you watch the full video:

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PipFarm Review Has Arrived: What's New?