The Best 3 Instant Funding Prop Firms- Let’s take a look!

This time, Forex Prop Reviews will focus on the instant funding programs prop trading companies offer. Instant funding programs allow traders to forego the evaluation phase and immediately enter the live markets, where they can begin earning profits. After thorough research, we have selected the best three funding programs.

Best 3 Instant Funding Prop Firms

Let’s take a look at the top 3 Instant Funding Prop Firms:

Finotive Funding

First is Finotive Funding, which has an excellent reputation. Since their incorporation in April 2021, they have given traders trading platforms that offer instant Funding and allow users to choose between standard and aggressive accounts.

  • Standard instant funding program accounts give traders a starting profit split of 55%. This can be increased to 75% by participating in their scaling plan. The standard account also has an upside scaling limit of $1.42 million and a profit target ranging from 8% to 16%.
  • The aggressive accelerated program accounts offered pay traders a 60% profit split. Accounts allow for trading with leverage ranging from 1 to 100 and have a 5% withdrawal profit target.

Traders must always abide by the guidelines for the instant funding programs:

  • Daily loss limits
  • Overall loss limits
  • Maximum trading period
  • No gambling mentality
  • Third-party copy trading risk
  • Third-party EA risk

 My Forex Funds

Next is My Forex Funds, a different and well-known prop trading company founded in July 2020 and provides traders with three other funding options.

  • Instant funding accounts reward traders with a 50/50 profit split based on their profits while trading with one-to-fifty leverage.
  • My Forex Funds’ emphatic accelerated program accounts reward traders with a 50/50 profit split based on their profits. Traders are allowed to trade with higher leverage than conventional accounts. The leverage for emphatic accounts is 1:100, with a maximum loss limit of 10.

Now, there are three essential trading guidelines to adhere to for both accelerated funding programs.

  • Maximum loss limit
  • EAs are not allowed.
  • No weekend holding.

Funded Trading Plus

Funded Trading Plus is one of the more recent prop trading companies. They allow traders to select between direct funding programs, two-step evaluation programs, and one-step evaluation programs.

Direct funding programs reward traders with a starting profit split of 70% and can be scaled up to 90%. Master Trader accounts have no maximum daily loss limit. The direct funding program also has a scaling plan with a profit target of 10 and an upside scaling limit of 2.5 million dollars.

The fundamental guidelines for direct funding accounts that traders must abide by:

  • Maximum trailing loss limit
  • No weekend holding.
  • Third-party copy trading risk
  • Third-party EA risk

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