Alpha Capital Group Interview with James- Let’s take a look!

Alpha Capital Group is a proprietary firm incorporated on November 2, 2021. They have offices in London, United Kingdom. The firm allows traders to work with capital up to $2,000,000 with 80% profit splits.

They take great pride in introducing ACG Markets, their in-house, proprietary execution brokerage, which provides traders with excellent trading conditions. 10 Lower Thames Street, Billingsgate, London, England, EC3R 6AF is where their corporate headquarters are situated.

Alpha Capital Group Trader interview

Alpha Capital Group shared an interview with James, an engineer by profession who adores engineering. But pursuing that will not allow him to earn the kind of money he would like to live the lifestyle he wants. He believes that what pushed him in this direction because he saw the potential.

Initially, he was into sketchy “trading signal groups.” These groups are less common now, but they were at the time, and the FCA shut them down. From there, he began tinkering around with a few prop firms and finding the good. He discovered Alpha Capital Group after messing around with a few prop companies, and it’s been a satisfying experience.

During the lockdown about two years ago, he began looking at the supply and demand route and a few guys he knew who were completing in-person courses and other similar activities in London then. He uses this information for his lower time frames during the week by counting the fact about where and why prices are moving to understand the market.

He believes that 80% of his trading involves technical analysis, and 20% uses fundamental analysis. According to him, they affect the market and can affect prices, but he does not always base his decisions on them.

He has been trading for around four years, and he estimates that about 75% of the losing trades stood almost like gambling. James is becoming more adept at it every day, but he thinks it’s advantageous to make a physical stop on your behalf.

He did a lot of backtesting during the lockdown. He got the pro version of trading view at the time, which lets traders do the replay. Marking out their zones or lines, whatever the trader’s strategy is, and then letting the market play out till it hits where traders think they would enter.

For details, watch the video.

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