Alpha Capital Group Team- The People Behind it!

Alpha Capital Group was founded to be a one-stop shop for traders through education and funding and by leading the way in technology to support traders and mitigate risk. One of the key features of Alpha Capital Group is its emphasis on collaboration and teamwork.

The firm’s team works together in a supportive environment, sharing knowledge and insights to help each other succeed. Alpha Capital Group’s team consists of experienced traders and technologists who work together to develop and execute profitable trading strategies.

Alpha Capital Group‘s success is mainly due to its talented team of traders and technologists. The firm is led by a group of experienced industry professionals who deeply understand the financial markets and the trading industry.

Alpha Capital Group is a leading proprietary trading firm with a team of experienced traders. The firm is famous for its collaborative and innovative trading environment. It focuses on providing traders with the resources and support they need to succeed.

Alpha Capital Group Team-People Behind it

Let’s look at the people responsible for Alpha Capital Group‘s success, the team, i.e., The People Behind it!

GeorLet’shler is the Managing Director of Alpha Capital Group. After graduating from university with a degree in banking and finance, George went on to various roles within the investment industry. He spent two years working for an FTSE-listed company specializing in institutional fx.

Andrew Blaylock is the Director of Alpha Capital Group. He is a certified chartered MCSI. He has a level 6 certificate in private investment advice and management (PCIAM). Following the acquisition of Central Markets, Andrew became a founding director of Clear Capital and currently runs the broking floor.

He is also a director of Alpha Capital Group. He oversees the day-to-day operations of proprietary trading, risk management, and advanced trading education.

Gerard Mcconnell is the Director of Education at Alpha Capital Group. Gerard began his wealth management career, spending almost five years working in Investment Management & Financial Advisory. Within his trading and investing strategy, he utilizes advanced technical analysis; he tools in line with fundamental market analysis.

Gerard is currently the director of education at Alpha Capital Group. He manages the funded trader program consisting of education, 1-1 sessions, and live market trading accountability.

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