Which one is the best Instant Funding Program for you?

Do you want to see which prop firm has the best Instant funding program? Let us help you. Today we will compare Instant funding programs of different prop firms to make it easier for everyone.

Instant Funding Programs

Instant Funding Programs are programs where traders don’t have to pass any evaluation phase. You pay a registration fee and get a Funding Program! So, let’s take a look at Funding Programs!

My Forex Funds

Trading Rules/ ObjectivesMy Forex Funds ConventionalMy Forex Funds Emphatic
Profit Target10%20%
Daily Drawdown
Overall Drawdown5%10%
Trading PeriodNo LimitNo Limit
Profit split50%50%


City Traders Imperium

Trading Rules/ ObjectivesCity Traders Imperium
Profit Target10%
Daily Drawdown
Overall Drawdown5%
Trading PeriodNo Limit
Profit split70% up to 100%


Finotive Funding

Trading Rules/ ObjectivesFinotive Funding StandardFinotive Funding Agressive
Profit Target2.5%5%
Daily Drawdown5%10%
Overall Drawdown8%16%
Trading Period90 calendar days90 calendar days
Profit split55% up to 75%60% up to 75%


The 5%ers

Trading Rules/ ObjectivesThe 5%ers
Profit Target10%
Daily DrawdownDaily Pause: 3%
Overall Drawdown6%
Trading Period12 Months
Profit split50% up to 100%


Funded Trading Plus

Trading Rules/ ObjectivesFunded Trading Plus
Profit Target5%
Daily Drawdown
Overall Drawdown5% (Trailing)
Trading PeriodNo Limit
Profit split70% up to 90%


Trading Rules/ ObjectivesFTUK Low RiskFTUK Aggressive
Profit Target10%25%
Daily Drawdown
Overall Drawdown5%5%
Leverage1:10 up to 1:501:30 up to 1:100
Trading Period180 Calendar Days90 calendar days
Profit split50% up to 80%50% up to 80%

This is all for you, and you can obviously see that different prop firms have different trading objectives. Choosing the programs that suit you the most depends on you. Different traders have different trading styles and strategies, so choose according to yours!

In the meantime, if you want to join any of them, let us remind you that we offer Discount codes for all of them!