Forex Prop Industry- Weekly Recap! What’s New?

We have started June already and are so excited to see the Forex Prop Industry growing. In the month of May, the prop industry has made tremendous progress. Many Prop firms made several great updates. As for us, we have been listing new prop firms on our website. So, May was fantastic for everyone! Well, let’s see now how the last week of May was and start our Weekly Recap of the Forex Prop Industry!

Forex Prop Industry Weekly Recap

Let’s take a look at the highlights of the week:

Alpha Capital Group

  • Who wants to know? Alpha Capital Group has announced a new Product update: Account Merging up to $300k is now live and available! For details, click here!

The 5%ers

  • With The 5%ers Low-cost High Stakes accounts, traders will have $5,000 High Stakes evaluation accounts for only $39! If you want to read about it, click the link.

The Funded Trader

  • Today The Funded Trader will start the buildout of the following changes/updates to the Standard Challenge Program. Click here for details.

Bespoke Funding

  • The company, Bespoke Funding, has increased its lot size limit, allowing traders to place a greater number of lots per $100,000 balance. For details, click here!

The Trading Pit

  • Unlock the power of Trading Robots with The Trading Pit exclusive webinar hosted by Forex guru Petko Aleksandrov. Click on the link for details.
  • The Trading Pit has made several changes to its trading policies, and they were effective from Thursday, 1st June 2023! For details, click here!

Statistics Revealed this Week

  • Bespoke Funding has released their week 4 May statistics, revealing impressive achievements for their traders. To see the full statistics, click here!
  • The Funded Trader has presented their weekly stats, which illustrate the remarkable efforts of its traders in generating weekly profits. To see the full statistics, click here!
  • Blue Guardian has recently released its May statistics, revealing a series of impressive achievements & highlighting the success of a trader! To see the full statistics, click here!
  • My Forex Funds shared its weekly statistics, and these substantial statistics serve as undeniable proof of its ongoing success. To see the full statistics, click here!
  • FundedNext has released its weekly statistics report, offering valuable insights into the trader’s performance and highlighting trends. To see the full statistics, click here!

And while you’re here, take a look at the following too:

In the end, Forex Prop Reviews wish all a Happy Weekend!