Alpha Capital Group July Updates- A New Era!

Embrace the Future of Trading: Welcome to a New Era! Alpha Capital Group is set to redefine trading with its new July Updates. Traders worldwide can experience unparalleled freedom, efficiency, and profitability as the company introduces game-changing rules and innovations.

Alpha Capital Group July Updates

The first and most significant change is the introduction of UNLIMITED trading days. With unlimited trading days, traders can trade whenever it is viable.

Another notable update is hassle-free Auto Payout Requests via the user-friendly dashboard. Alpha Capital Group understands the importance of seamless and efficient fund transfers for its traders. With this new feature, traders can effortlessly initiate payout requests directly from their dashboard, eliminating unnecessary delays and paperwork.

Additionally, Alpha Capital Group has implemented Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. The enhanced verification system ensures regulatory compliance while minimizing any inconvenience caused to traders during the onboarding process.

The prop firm has also leveraged cutting-edge technology to introduce seamless Automated Contracts. By automating contract generation and execution, the firm aims to reduce manual errors and improve efficiency. This also provides traders with a seamless trading experience.

Traders worldwide eagerly anticipate the opportunities that Alpha Capital Group‘s new era will bring. By embracing these revolutionary changes, traders can unlock their true trading potential and embark on a journey toward tremendous success and profitability.

About the Firm

Alpha Capital Group is a proprietary firm incorporated on the 2nd of November 2021. They have offices in London, UK, offering traders a chance to work with capital up to $2,000,000 with 80% profit splits.

  • Overnight and weekend holding are allowed.
  • News trading allowed
  • Scaling account option
  • Leverage 1:100
  • Professional trading dashboard

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