The 5%ers and the Unlimited Time- A New Update?

With the rapid updates in the Prop Industry, we are here again with another update to share with everyone. This update is primarily for traders who are looking to enter the prop industry and want unlimited time to complete the challenges. Well, here you go. The 5%ers go unlimited time on all programs.

With the pressure to complete the challenges in a specific time is stressful. It is common for all of us if we have a clock ticking on our heads. There is a 50% chance that the planned trade will go differently than planned. Whether it’s minimum trading days or maximum trading days, it is still nerve-wracking.

The 5%ers Unlimited Time Update

As for The 5%ers, they recognize that the Unlimited Time to complete challenges could be more helpful for traders. And to help traders, The 5%ers has made not one but all challenges to go Unlimited. So, to sum up, we have:

  • BOOTCAMP – Best funding for your buck. Low entry fee, and pay the rest upon success! Which means you have a program with lower costs and unlimited time. 
  • HYPERGROWTH – Get paid + Bonuses from the first objective. Traders can Scale up to 4 million. This program will get you paid, get a bonus, and also Unlimited Time. A perfect combination of Trading Benefits and Trading Funds. 
  • HIGH-STAKES – high-risk-high-reward. Lastly, we have the fastest scaling plan + Salary, and the new benefit added Unlimited Days. 

If this does not boost you, we don’t know what will. So, get started now. And take advantage of the Unlimited time, make substantial profits, and get your trading journey started!

Get funded with unlimited opportunities!

About the Firm

The 5%ers provides its clients with unique career enhancers, including a hyper-growth plan to boost capital levels and earn high profits. 

  • News trading allowed
  • Overnight & over weekend holding allowed
  • Algo trading allowed
  • Advanced dashboard
  • Live trading room for their clients
  • One-time fee
  • Instant payouts upon request
  • Real-time trading notifications
  • External performance statistics

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