Forex Prop Firm Trader Interview with Suraj- $1,987 in profits?

In an exclusive trader interview with Forex Prop Firm, Suraj Tirkey, a 23-year-old trader from Jan, India, shared insights into his trading journey, revealing how he became a profitable trader on the platform. Suraj, a funded trader of Forex Prop Firm, completed the One-Step evaluation model and secured a $25,000 funded account through his trading skills. The interview delved into Suraj’s background, trading history, and the challenges he faced on the path to profitability.

Forex Prop Firm Trader Interview with Suraj

Having started trading at the age of 15, Suraj discussed the initial struggles encountered during the first few years. He emphasized the importance of perseverance, highlighting that the first 2-3 years are typically challenging for traders. Suraj and the interviewer also reminisced about their early years in trading, underscoring the satisfaction of overcoming obstacles. The discussion then shifted to Suraj’s trading strategy, where he shared details of his recent successful trades on the gold market. The conversation provided valuable insights into Suraj’s risk management approach, emphasizing a 1% risk per trade for personal accounts and 1-2% for Forex Prop Firm challenges. The interview touched upon Suraj’s views on losses, emphasizing the need to overcome them and focus on future profits. Additionally, Suraj shared his perspective on adapting risk management strategies when transitioning from personal accounts to Forex Prop Firm challenges. The interviewer, drawing from personal experience, recommended a unique risk management system called “asymmetry compounding” for traders aiming to pass challenges. This method involves starting with a 1% rise in the first trade and gradually compounding profits to achieve specific target objectives.

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